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How to Download Blocked Torrent using Proxy?


Sometimes the torrents may be blocked by your ISP, leading to failure when you try to download from it. Torrent Downloader Free enables you to break the lockup by setting proxy servers. You just need to enter the proxy server's IP address and port. For some non-public or paid proxies you may have to enter the username & password as well. Now, nobody can prevent you from downloading the content you want!

Download Torrent using Proxy

Click "Advanced Options" and in "Proxy Server Settings" area, you can configure your proxy.

Choose proxy type in "Proxy Type" menu. In "Proxies Server" box, enter the proxy's URL or IP address. In "Port" box, enter the proxy's port.

Enter the correct username in "User Name" box and password in "Password" box to log into the proxy server for authentication; for public proxies without the need of username/password, you can leave these two boxes blank. Click "OK" to save the settings.

If your proxy is misconfigured or not working, all traffic in the client will stop.

Download Torrent using Proxy

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